Collection: Women's blouses

Every woman's wardrobe undoubtedly contains many women's blouses, but have you noticed that you don't give them all the same attention? While some you would wear day in and day out because you feel and look great in them, others sit in your closet for months or even years without ever being considered for an outfit.


How can you stop buying women's blouses that you will only wear once from now on? Here are the most important criteria in choosing these clothing items!

Importance of material

The fabric must be chosen according to two essential elements: the shape of your body and the circumstances in which you are going to wear that blouse.

If you have a few extra kilos and your body has some imperfections in the upper part, the most recommended are cloth and cotton, which have a heavier weight and retain their own shape, without molding to the body. If, on the other hand, you have a slender figure, then you can easily wear knitwear or any other material that molds to the body.

Knitwear and cotton are recommended for outfits that will be worn all day, shopping, a date with girlfriends or a walk in the park. But if you go to worldly events, you will get an extra touch of elegance by choosing women's blouses made of silk.

How to choose the right colors

And when it comes to choosing the color there are two fundamental benchmarks. The first refers to the type of skin you have, and the second to the shades of the clothes already in your closet.

Fair skinned women will look great in pale colored clothing such as blue, pink or light green. Black, in turn, produces an interesting and at the same time attractive contrast.

Women with a darker complexion should avoid the color black, they are recommended to wear red ladies' blouses or other equally strong colors.

It should not be forgotten, however, that a blouse must be matched with a skirt or a pair of trousers. That's why, when you buy it, it's good to think about one or more complete outfits that it could be part of.

The types of cut that enjoy the greatest success

If you have a harmonious body, you are free to experiment as you see fit, because there is a good chance that you will look good in any kind of outfit. But there are also situations where you want to mask certain areas of the body and highlight others.

Women with a few extra pounds are advantaged by women's shirt-type blouses with a straight cut, without frills or other elements that burden them unnecessarily. People with an hourglass-shaped figure generally opt for the tunic-type model, designed to cover the hips, which fits best with long sleeves.

The neckline is another important element of the cut. A heart-shaped one will draw attention to the chest area, while a square neckline gives a sense of volume. The round shape is suitable for occasions where you feel more relaxed, in your element.

With a little attention to the chosen models, you will have in your wardrobe, at any time, the necessary elements to build an impactful outfit.