Collection: Summer day dresses

What should be the main features of a summer day dress? If asked this question, almost all women will answer that the main quality that matters is the comfortable and cool fabric. It is also important that the material is easy to care for, i.e. it looks beautiful even after several washes.


So what are the fabrics that fulfill all these qualities? Here is a list of the best ones to wear on hot summer days!

Linen summer day dresses

It is no coincidence that a few hundred years ago, not everyone could afford to wear linen clothes. These products were reserved for members of the wealthy classes, i.e. aristocrats, priests and crowned heads.

The special resistance of linen means that clothes do not lose their shape or color after washing. On the contrary, they actually become softer and easier to wear, offering a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Another essential quality of this fabric is that it is a very good thermal insulator. This means that it keeps cool even in conditions of high temperatures, which exceed 30 degrees, as frequently happens in Romania, between the months of June and August.

Summer cotton day dresses

Cotton is a natural fiber obtained from the plant of the same name. It has the ability to absorb and then remove moisture easily, so that the body is constantly kept airy.

The fabric is also recommended for people experiencing allergic reactions due to its important non-allergic properties. In addition, it does not release small particles into the air, so it does not pose a risk to asthma sufferers either.

Although particularly delicate in contact with the skin, cotton is actually a material that lasts very well over time. This is one of the qualities that causes many people to prefer it when choosing their ideal outfits for the warm season.

Silk summer day dresses

One of the legends about the discovery of this noble material says that at one time a Chinese princess was sitting under a mulberry tree drinking tea. By chance, a cocoon of silk fell into her porcelain cup and gently unraveled into several strands, its image enchanting the girl. She told the court about the discovery made, and silk became one of the most luxurious fabrics.

Also known in Romania in the past as borangic, silk has excellent properties when it comes to maintaining a pleasant body temperature. It can absorb moisture up to 40% of its weight without the wearer feeling that the fabric has gotten wet and without it losing its insulating qualities.

Produced by the so-called silkworms, the fabric has a composition very close to that of the skin, so it does not create problems even for people who suffer from allergies or have different types of eczema.

Take into account the properties of each material when choosing summer day dresses! Thus, you will feel good regardless of the temperature and you will look flawless at every moment!