About me and about Milla Milla

In April 2020, when everyone was staying at home and when no one knew how long the pandemic would last, I launched my first collection of dresses inspired by the 50s on the Romanian market. No ads, because I had no budget. The sales of the first weekend dispelled my doubts. I understood that women in all times want to be feminine and especially that they are optimistic.
This is how Milla Milla grew, organically and sustainably.
What do you recommend me as a designer?
Maybe you too played with dolls and sewed their clothes when you were little. Or maybe you were passionate about drawing, like me. I didn't find other passions bigger than these and that's why I attended 2 schools, which trained me as a designer, pattern maker, technologist and tailor. My first school was the Technological College in Chisinau (the city where I was born and grew up), where I learned everything about printing, technology and manufacturing and got the diploma of Designer and Print Builder. The second school was Instituto Marangoni Milano , where I learned how collections are made to look coherent, and how the fashion industry works at the international level. I graduated with a Diploma of 10 as a Clothing Designer. I also followed some internships at some brands in Milan.
In 2008 I became an entrepreneur and laid the foundations of what has become a career in the beautiful world of fashion. I created collections that I presented twice a year at the Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks. I collaborated with agents, showrooms and presented my collections at international fairs. My creations could be found in many stores around the world such as Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols, Robinsons, or in small and independent fashion boutiques, but also online on Farfetch.
Since 2020, with the advent of the pandemic, I have pivoted the path of my business. From the beginning it seemed to me a temporary measure: to launch and sell collections only online. But after a few years I convinced myself that the new path is beneficial to me from all points of view, and since then I create exclusively for my Milla Milla online store. This site is the only place where you can find my creations.
I set out to create outfits inspired by the '50s, easy to wear, elegant and feminine, but also suitable for the lifestyle of a modern woman, which can be worn from morning to night and which will last for many years in the queue.
Why the 50s? Because Christian Dior's legendary New Look silhouette is still very modern and timeless. Small shoulders and waist, wide skirts up to mid-ankle, are very feminine. Many other brands use these proportions in their current collections. It is a silhouette that benefits many women, and is always in fashion. Obviously I adapt the patterns, and I don't exactly follow the trends of the '50s, so that the Milla Milla dresses are comfortable and in step with our needs, of today's women.
Then our products are all manufactured in limited edition, only 10 - 25 pieces per model per color. To make them, I only buy one roll of each fabric directly from producers in Spain, Italy or France, with whom I have been collaborating for many years. In this way, you choose an exclusive outfit but also contribute to #sustainability and #slowfashion.
My models are designed and cut so that the material losses resulting from such production are no more than 10-12%, that's why I buy exactly the required amount.
For daytime clothes, I use cotton or linen fabrics. For evening and cocktail dresses, I use polyester fabrics, because they are more durable and wear less.
The making of the products is done with love and care in the small factories in Romania with which I collaborate, by skilled Romanian seamstresses, who put passion into their work. But not only passion matters, but also the number one factor for me: quality. MIlla Milla dresses are premium products, of a high quality of workmanship and materials, which I use generously in my models.
By buying Milla Milla, you support a local designer and a clothing factory in Romania, contributing to sustainability in fashion.
My motto, which appeared in April 2020, is inspired by the thousands of women who have already bought Milla Milla dresses, and it says: