Collection: Cocktail dresses

When you are invited to a cocktail event, choosing the right clothes is not exactly easy. They usually take place in the late afternoon or evening, at a time when a classic daytime outfit is not indicated, but also not suitable for late-night events.


That being said, how do you make the most inspired choices when it comes to cocktail dresses? The answer centers on the idea of ​​balance. The ideal outfit is comfortable, practical and stylish at the same time, without overdoing it in any of these directions.

The same balance must be sought in terms of length. In no case is a very short outfit indicated because it does not suit the occasion, but neither an extremely long one that covers the ankles or a dress with a train. The right choice falls somewhere between these extremes.

If you want to be noticed in a positive way, you have two options: actual cocktail dresses or one of the many shirt-dress models. Here are the characteristics of each of them!

Taffeta cocktail dresses

Soft taffeta is one of the most suitable materials for a cocktail dress. This dense fabric with a mysterious glow appeared many centuries ago in Persia, where the only people who could afford to buy it and make clothes from it were members of aristocratic families. Thanks to the special production technique, which consists of threads tightly twisted together, the taffeta retains its finesse despite the special density.

Some of the most beautiful and practical cocktail dress designs have three-quarter sleeves and are mid-thigh length at the bottom. They have in-seam pockets and close with buttons at the front.

An element that gives a special personality to a cocktail dress is the embroidered white organza collar. Organza was, in turn, since its appearance, a luxury material, which at that time few people could afford. The fabric is transparent and elegant, but at the same time has a degree of rigidity that makes it very durable.

The most loved shirt dress designs

Such an outfit perfectly corresponds to an event that is neither elegant nor casual and takes place neither during the day nor at night, but on the border of these intervals. What occasion can be more appropriate to wear a dress that has, at the same time, the characteristics of a shirt?

The creations are made of either taffeta, organza or linen. Even if its origin is not as exotic, linen has long been associated with the idea of ​​beauty. For example, it was used not only for clothing, but also for interior decoration or painting canvases. Today, it is also the right fabric for high-impact cocktail dresses.

You can confidently wear a modern light blue linen shirt dress, for example. It has a 20cm short sleeve, deep pleated skirt, fabric pockets and is completed as a 200cm cord. You can also choose models in orange, yellow or apple green taffeta or in white, beige or rose gold organza.

With cocktail dresses offered by Milla Milla you will never go wrong, but you will be admired and get compliments at any event you go to!