Collection: Day dresses

An active woman's wardrobe cannot be without, regardless of age or profession, several models of day dresses. These are versatile clothes, completely different from those specially designed for a cocktail party or evening clothes, which are much more elegant.


Occasions where you can wear day dresses

The basic idea is that such a piece of clothing can be worn for all the activities of a normal day, whether you live in a large city or in a smaller town.

Let's think about how most of us spend our mornings. Most of the time you are in the car, on your way to work. You may also make a detour to drop off your child at school. It is therefore necessary to have comfort and a cut that does not hinder your normal movements while driving.

Then, the following hours are spent at work, so in a place where, in addition to the need to feel at ease, the impression you leave is also important. If you're not one of those employees who have to wear a robe or uniform to work, why not take this opportunity to wear something that makes you look good, helping you to highlight your natural qualities?

If you work in a field where you interact with a lot of people, the impression you make is even more important. It is the case for all people employed in positions that involve relations with the public, for example teachers, bank clerks or perhaps sales consultants in a shopping mall.

Some days also involve many trips around the city, some of them on foot. When you move around in this way it becomes important again that the pattern and cut of a day dress does not make you feel uncomfortable. Also, the material must be chosen in such a way as to ensure thermal comfort.

Day dresses proposed by Milla Milla

All the outfits on offer are shirt dresses, specially created for a busy lifestyle. They can be successfully worn in all the circumstances described above, as well as for a walk in the park with the children or for a coffee drunk on a terrace, in a bar or a pastry shop.

The outfits designed to be worn throughout the day have one more important feature that many women appreciate: they all have pockets. Thus, they allow them to adopt extremely varied and interesting physical postures and arm positions, managing to express their personality and way of communicating without worries.

As for the materials used for day dresses, it is about the best quality fabrics made of either linen or cotton, brought directly from manufacturers in France, Italy or Spain and then manufactured in Romania. Dressed in dresses made of such materials, you will not feel uncomfortable even for a moment, no matter what your daily schedule looks like!

For example, for the spring or autumn season you can choose a thicker cotton poplin dress with a floral print on a saffron background. The skirt has deep pleats at the waist and a 10cm hem, and the sleeves are finished with lace frills. They feature a small collar, in-seam pockets and a front button closure.

Study the offer of day dresses and you will surely find several models that you will like and with which you will make the desired impression, wherever you go!