Collection: Linen dresses

Due to its multiple qualities, linen was long worn only by crowned heads and aristocrats. Today, however, every woman can enjoy wearing a linen dress, which gives her comfort and elegance at the same time.


Great resistance

Linen is the most resistant fiber of natural origin and, starting from this, it is not surprising that fabrics made from this material last longer than, for example, cotton clothes.

Not only do the clothes not lose their shape after washing, they even become softer and feel more pleasant on the skin when worn for a long time. So, if you want the advantages of the outfit you wear to include a pleasant feeling on your body, choose linen dresses with confidence!

Linen dresses in every season

Many women think that it is appropriate to wear this material especially in the summer, due to the fact that it "breathes" very well. Indeed, in addition to absorbing moisture quickly, the fabric also releases it quickly, which means it will never stick to the body in an unpleasant way.

However, the fabric also has a quality that recommends it for any season, regardless of the temperatures outside. This is because, being a good thermal insulator, it achieves the performance of keeping cool in high temperature conditions and keeping warm in low temperature conditions, as is the case for half a year, from September or October to in March or April.

Washing is easy and there is no need to iron

Linen fabrics can be washed without any problems in the machine, with only one condition: the water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees. You should also not use bleach. There is also the option of hand washing with lukewarm water. Attention, however, the clothes must not be wringed!

As for ironing, most of the time it is not necessary, because the fabric looks very good and without undergoing such a heat treatment. If you still want to iron linen dresses, it is ideal to wet them first and then iron them inside out, so as not to get an unnatural shine.

Linen clothing is ecological

Flax plants have been cultivated and used to produce textile fibers since ancient times. The flax plant stands out for its great resistance, so it can grow even on poorer soils and does not require irrigation or special care. It is also notable for the fact that every part of it is used to create certain products, from textiles to paints, edible oils or even natural products.

The fabric from which linen dresses are made can be easily recycled and is biodegradable. Therefore, if you make this choice you will be contributing to the collective effort to save the planet.

Milla Milla's offer of linen dresses allows you to enjoy all these advantages and make yourself stand out with good taste and sophistication, while enjoying full comfort at the same time!