Collection: Lady's skirt

Skirts and dresses are, unequivocally, women's clothing. They attract admiring glances and compliments from both men and women. But it's not just about what other people like, it's more important what you like. So the question arises: which women's skirts do you prefer, longer or shorter?


When and how to wear long women's skirts?

The long skirt, reaching below the knee or even reaching the ankles, is worn especially in spring and autumn or in the transitional periods between any two seasons. Unlike very short ones, which are not suitable for certain occasions, long skirts can be worn without problems both at work or on an outing with girlfriends, as well as at a meeting with parents held at school or a business meeting.

If you are shorter, it is ideal to choose, for these models, clothes of one color or with vertical elements, because they create the impression of height. You can wear them very well with shoes with a higher heel. On the other hand, if you are a tall person, it is recommended that the blouse is not the same color as the skirt, and a pair of ballet flats or even sports shoes fit better on the feet.

There are also some secrets if you want to hide a few extra pounds, if you are fuller, but you like long skirts. In this case it is important to avoid pleated clothes and those made of thick and heavy materials, which tend to emphasize the natural shapes of the body.

Women who choose outfits of this length confess that they feel more elegant and in control of themselves, in any situation. They also appreciate that they can adopt different body positions without worrying about revealing more than they think is decent or desirable.

When and how to wear short women's skirts?

There are a number of places where it is not recommended at all to appear in outfits that reveal most of your legs. It is, for example, about educational institutions, such as schools or universities. Even in those that do not require the wearing of uniforms, there is still a certain dress code, which must be known and respected by a lady.

Religious ceremonies held at churches or other places of worship, regardless of the religion to which they belong, are also not suitable for showing off the legs. The category of events that involve a certain solemnity also includes business meetings or meetings at the workplace.

But there remain many other opportunities to wear women's skirts with a shorter length. It's about going out to the club, meeting friends or walking in the park. Also, the outfit is most appropriate when you are on vacation.

In order for the outfit to be seductive, but not too extravagant, a few simple rules must be followed. The most important of them says that if you reveal the lower part of your body, it is recommended that the upper part be covered. Therefore, a generous neckline is not indicated.

The advantages of this outfit are numerous, most women talk about the fact that, thanks to such a choice, the legs seem longer and thinner. Also, clothes are easy to store in the closet, iron and put on.

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