Rochii din lână, soluţia chic pentru momente preţioase

Wool dresses, the chic solution for precious moments

It is said that eternal life springs from a woman's passion. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I love natural fiber fabrics. The ones I use invite you to touch them, they are fluid and durable. And wool dresses are so comfortable and versatile that they make you feel at ease in any situation.

Woolen dresses, femininity in any situation.

I don't think that the weather should have a major influence on our clothing style. You can be just as stylish when the temperatures drop considerably and the weather turns gloomy. With this idea in mind and with the thought flying to quiet walks on the deserted paths in the parks, we created feminine woolen dresses, suitable both with elegant shoes and with comfortable boots or warm boots. I believe in our power to be authentic and free in thinking rather than in imposed styles.

Here you will find the classic Milla Milla model, with a small collar, buttons at the front, deep pleats at the waist, a wide hem and a long drawstring. The little black dress , for example, is ideal if you want to be chic without being extravagant. You can use it at the office, on outings with friends or at a garden party. The material has a slight transparency, so I added a natural silk skirt to give you freedom of movement and the pleasure of wearing fine and sensual textiles.

We also created the little gray dress for women who are not afraid to wear a color that some are quick to categorize as boring or old-fashioned. To me, gray speaks of the friendship between black and white, of keeping a balance, of wisdom and experience, modesty, self-control and tranquility. It is the color that allows you to show yourself in all your splendor and that you can accessorize with any color that catches your eye that day, be it eccentric or one that inspires calmness.

And for the coldest winter days, we made the sarafan in wool tweed , cambered and with a neckline that fits perfectly with a briefcase in a contrasting color or a fine shirt. We created it in 3 vivid colors, perfect to brighten any day.

Wool, an infinite love

When I created the first woolen dress I knew it would be love at first sight. I love materials that are seemingly simple, but so complex in reality. And wool, with its 200 types, is the type of material from which you can make almost anything your imagination can make available.

We have very fine woolen fabrics, also suitable for a hot summer day, but also thicker fabrics, perfect for an elegant outfit even on the coldest days. Wool regulates body temperature, so when the temperature rises too much it blocks heat transfer. It is, at the same time, a material that keeps you warm when it is cold outside, resists creasing very well, has antimicrobial properties and prevents odors from being fixed in the material.

In addition, wool is a sustainable material, one of the most sustainable textile materials. Produced naturally, it is very durable, biodegradable, does not need to be washed too often, and when it is washed, it does not generate microplastic.

And the materials from which I make the woolen dresses are really special. They are Dior and Louis Vuitton roller heads, taken from a warehouse in France where I usually get precious textiles. By buying roller heads, I continue to support the principle of sustainability that guides me: I purchase materials that do not lose their value over time, they add value to the product and thus there is less waste in the world.


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