Cum sa ne imbracam in functie de forma corpului

How to dress according to body shape

The language of clothes or clothing language is a form
of non-verbal communication through which people express themselves
personality, social status, tastes and intentions through
the way they choose their clothes and combine them. This is
important in several ways:

The clothes we wear can communicate a lot about us
before we say a word. The language of clothes allows us
to communicate who we are, what we stand for and what we want to
we pass it on to those around us.

Clothing can be a way for people to express themselves
identity and belonging to a social, ethnic or cultural group.
For example, certain uniforms or traditional clothing
ethnic can signify affiliation to a certain group.

The language of clothes can also be a way in which
people express respect towards persons or towards
the events they participate in. For example, people choose
the right clothes for a business meeting, an event
formal or a wedding.

Clothes also have a practical functionality and can be chosen in
according to individual needs, such as protection from the cold or
of Sun. Depending on the weather conditions, the clothes can be
chosen to be comfortable and safe.

How to dress for an apple body shape?
Since most of the weight is above the hips, the middle appears heavier than
the rest of the body. So the idea is to draw attention away from that part of your body and make it stand out
strengths. That's why you need to flaunt your legs or wear the dress with V-necks or
deep V, which creates the illusion of an elongated torso.
You can also play with accessories like necklaces and earrings. The most important thing is to move
attention near the front or, if you have nice legs, towards the bottom.
Best Clothes for Mar Body Shape:
A-line or empire cuts are ideal for you. Wear printed dresses or jackets with
model that adds a layer to change the emphasis. Monochrome aspects, dark colors,
full or 3/4 sleeve dresses and flowy tops will do the trick. You could also wear
flared palazzo pants, etc., to create a balance. Also, because your shoulders
they are wide and you may already have a larger bust line, make sure you wear the right bra.

The advantage of this body type is that you can create the illusion of an hourglass figure if it is styled
correct. Your shoulders are narrow and your hips wide. All you have to do is find one
balance. Or, wear outfits that show off your lower body; anyway
works well.
The best clothes for a pear-shaped body
Baggy trousers, A-line skirts or bust dresses with patterns or frills that add
upper body definition. Skinny jeans combined with loose blouses help to create a
hourglass illusions. V-neck, jackets and tops with pronounced shoulders, blouses with neckline
the boat will balance your heavier bottom.

The rectangular body is usually well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. So no
there is too much definition to your figure and it is quite simple.
How to dress for a rectangular body shape?
Your arms and legs are your assets. So focus on these. You are like the figure of
hourglass minus the defined waist.
The best clothes for a rectangular body?
Choose from A-line skirts, ruffled tops and layers. Dresses that add definition to the bottom and
necklines that draw attention to the upper body. The dresses are sleeveless, strapless and
with a heart-shaped neckline will give you an advantage. You can add blazers, long jackets and capes, if
you want to add a little drama.

You know when you have an hourglass shape, and so do everyone else. This body type is the most balanced of the
all with a proportional upper and lower body with a well-defined waist. So
when looking for dresses, choose the ones that do just that for you.
How to dress for an hourglass body shape?
Since you have a well-balanced figure, your dresses should do the same. The dress must
follow the contour of these curves. Make the most of it because not everyone has it!
Best clothes for an hourglass body shape?
Dresses that emphasize the waist will fit best. V-neckline or D-shaped
the heart helps you show off your upper body.
You are lucky because you can wear outfits with voluminous skirts but also fitted ones, then
when it is the case.

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