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How to correctly choose the most suitable linen dresses for your wardrobe

For a long time, linen was regarded as an extremely valuable material due to its fantastic qualities, but also as a material not very attractive from the point of view of clothes made from it. It has been used for years to make bed sheets, underwear, pyjamas, tablecloths and towels.

Gradually, linen began to be used in the manufacture of everyday clothes, including a
dresses, and the last 20 years of fashion have brought it back to where it deserved, in the top
materials used by those who want to enjoy naturalness and comfort. And if for a long time linen pants and shirts were considered the ideal clothing items, gradually visionary creators brought dresses to the wish list of ladies and young ladies who appreciate quality, convenience and beauty. But the most suitable linen dresses for your wardrobe must meet several criteria in order to enjoy them to the fullest.

How to choose the most suitable linen dresses

First of all you have to make sure that the dress you have your eyes on is made
exclusively made of linen and the material has no other fibers in its composition, so that it
annihilate extraordinary qualities. Linen is a natural, extremely resistant fabric - the most resistant of all natural fibers, suitable for hot summer days due to its ability to quickly absorb moisture, but also for cold days, being an excellent thermal insulator. In addition, they are easily washed at low temperatures, at most 30 degrees, and in many cases do not require heat treatment to be straightened. Another argument in favor of buying a linen dress is the fact that we are dealing with a natural, biodegradable fabric, contributing in this way to protecting the planet.

Another important aspect in choosing a linen dress is comfort. Such a creation must give you the joy of wearing it all day long, be gentle on your skin, but also tailored so that you feel free to move and feminine at the same time. The model must highlight your qualities and hide any small imperfections that you want hidden from the eyes of the world, help you stand out when you feel the need, without appearing extravagant.

Small details such as ruffles, collar, sleeves are also extremely important because they are what make the difference between a dress like any other and the dress you will always be tempted to put your hand on when you are getting ready to go out on the town or to you go to work And pockets are the thing we say shouldn't come off a dress that makes you feel like it was made just for you.

The linen dress should go just as well with a pair of tennis shoes, for days with long journeys, but also with a pair of stiletto shoes. It is important to be able to match it with almost any pair of shoes in your closet and, more than that, you must keep in mind that you can choose models perfect for hot days, but also models suitable for a cold and brisk autumn.

And above all, when choosing the most suitable linen dresses for your wardrobe, keep in mind that they can become your go-to clothing items. Choose with your soul and you will make others feel as good looking at you as you feel wearing them.

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