Collection: Wool products

In the cold season, nothing gives the body the feeling of warmth and comfort as wearing a woolen dress manages to do. In addition to the pleasure offered, these clothes are also distinguished by a long life span, as well as by special aesthetic qualities. Here are the main reasons why you should choose them!


Wool is a natural and sustainable product

Sheep breeding is one of the oldest occupations of people in our country and around the world. Grooming these animals not only doesn't cause them any distress, it helps keep them comfortable during the hot summer months. Therefore, when you wear woolen dresses you know that no being has suffered for you to look good.

In addition, wool is - like any product of animal origin - biodegradable, which means that those clothes will not pollute the planet even when you stop wearing them.

The material regulates body temperature

The feeling of comfort offered by wearing a woolen dress is hard to match with other materials. The fabric warms and is especially recommended during the cold season, but it also has another quality that emphasizes its value: it allows the release of excess heat, so there is no risk of overheating the body, which would create an extremely unpleasant sensation.

In addition, the fabric also has the ability to absorb moisture without leaving the skin feeling cold. Then, it should also be noted that it dries much faster than other materials, such as cotton, for example.

Wool protects the skin against ultraviolet rays

When it comes to sun and UV protection, people generally think of hot summer days. However, few people are aware of the fact that, due to the atmospheric conditions specific to this season, the sun shines just as strongly in winter, which can be a danger for all those with more sensitive skin.

Wearing woolen dresses removes the risks due to the fact that this fabric offers natural UV protection of up to 30 SPF (sun protection factor). This protection varies according to the thickness of the fabric as well as its color, with various shades of white and light colors generally being the most effective.

Clothes are easy to clean

Washing a woolen dress does not require complicated programs or high temperatures in the washing machine. On the contrary, it cleans very well at temperatures of no more than 30 degrees, using detergent specially created for this purpose.

In addition, due to the existence of a layer of a substance known as lanolin, the fiber protects itself, to a good extent, against the appearance of stains. The fabric also attracts only a very small amount of dust due to its anti-static properties. Therefore, it can be worn without problems even by people suffering from allergies or various respiratory conditions.

And these are by no means the only reasons that justify choosing a woolen dress offered by Milla Milla! Study the offer of skirts and sundresses made of the same material and you will have extremely pleasant surprises!