Collection: Long evening dresses

Choosing a long evening dress is the ideal option every time you attend a social event. It manages to enhance your beauty and natural qualities and, at the same time, conveys a strong message about the elegance and good taste that characterizes you.


Here are some tips that are essential to keep in mind when it comes to the most suitable long evening dresses, depending on both your body characteristics and the occasion to which you are invited and are going to wear this special article of clothing!

• Choose the style that suits you, without trying to imitate other people! If you don't already know which cuts benefit you and enhance your body, it is best to ask the opinion of a stylist or at least a friend who meets two conditions: on the one hand, she knows fashion, and on the other hand, he knows you very well;

• When choosing a long evening dress, keep in mind the event you are going to participate in! There are many differences between a wedding, a family anniversary, a dinner at a restaurant with a business partner or a romantic date. The different choices influence the cut and the colors chosen, but also details regarding the exact length of the dress or the accessories used;

• Don't show too much skin! The main characteristic of such an outfit must be elegance, which is difficult to associate with a dress whose lower part barely covers half of the thigh. The same statement applies when it comes to exaggerated cleavage, especially if the event you are attending is a formal one;

• Excessive make-up could also be a mistake. From this point of view you have to understand that sophisticated is nowhere near equivalent to exaggerated. It is not recommended to use strong colors or combinations that create a dramatic effect. Rather, neutral tones are recommended.

• Give proper attention to the shoes you wear with long evening dresses! In most cases, the right choice is represented by heels. They give a special look to the leg and the whole outfit. The ideal heel length is between 7 and 11 centimeters, depending on your preference, how used you are to high heels, and how much you plan to dance or move throughout the evening;

• Choose the color that suits you best! From this point of view, several rules apply to long evening dresses. As a rule, the color of the skin, eyes and hair is taken into account. If you have fair skin, cool shades or pastel colors are more suitable for you, but a black dress is also an option that you won't go wrong with. If, on the other hand, your skin is olive or slightly tanned, you will look great in warmer or even bright shades, such as yellow, orange or red.

Once you take into account all these details when choosing a long evening dress, all you have left to do is to trust yourself and leave home with the right attitude. Don't forget: if you feel beautiful, so will those around you!