Top 5 sfaturi pentru a alege cea mai bună rochie cămaşă

Top 5 tips to choose the best dress shirt

When we talk about the shirt dress, the discussion is not whether or not you should have it in your wardrobe. The presence of such a clothing item in your life is more than necessary, it is downright life-saving. It is such a versatile dress that there are few occasions when you cannot use it. What's more, a shirt dress benefits almost any type of figure, so you don't have to worry about having a few extra kilos or, on the contrary, a few less.

Why we love the shirt dress

But what's not to love about her, I would say. It's feminine without constricting you in any way. Its cut is so loose that you will irreparably fall in love with the feeling of freedom it conveys.
You can wear it with any kind of shoes, thus adapting it for every moment or meeting of the day. You can match it with low-soled sandals, platforms, ballerinas or stiletto shoes, but also with a pair of pistachio boots, tennis shoes or some elegant boots. You can wear it with tight hair and a pair of statement earrings or with loose curls and discreet jewelry.
The cord can emphasize your figure or, on the contrary, it can hide some things that you want out of the eyes of others.

5 tips to choose the best dress shirt

The material! Yes, the material from which the shirt dress is made is essential for you to enjoy this wonder to the maximum. You have to feel it gently on your skin, like a mother's loving caress. And it must be natural, to protect you like a wide-brimmed hat does from the rays of the scorching summer sun. Cotton poplin, linen, viscose are the materials you want and need so that every wearing of the shirt dress is a delight for the senses. Because yes, wearing a dress like this is an experience in itself, one that you will want to repeat more and more often.

Pockets! Pockets are a wonder for any of us and we all know how we look for them most of the time when we are dressed in dresses or skirts. That's exactly why the shirt dress we choose must have them, so that it also offers us this comfort. You can keep a tissue close at hand, the mobile phone indispensable in our busy lives, or you can use them for the convenience of keeping your hands comfortable and without the stress of holding them in a position that can be viewed as repulsive, like when they are crossed .

Colors and prints are some of the great joys of this dress. You can opt for models in plain, bright colors or on the contrary, some as discreet as possible. Or you can play with different prints, eager to show everyone how brave and full of life you are. It is important to know what you like and what suits you and choose the dress exactly with these thoughts in mind because the shirt dress will become your favorite item in the wardrobe, the one you will put your hand on whether you are getting ready to go out with the baby in the park, with friends for coffee or to go to the office, where an important meeting awaits you.

Uniqueness. You might think that things are simple when it comes to such a clothing product, and they are, when we talk about convenience and versatility. But precisely because we are talking about a dress that you will love so much that you will want to wear it again and again, it is important to choose a chic model that emphasizes your personality. The details make the difference, so choose according to what you want more.

Maybe you love having a dress like when you were a child, that spins wide when you do a pirouette. Or maybe you want one that accentuates your romantic side. There are so many wonderful options that it is impossible not to find THAT dress.
The shirt dress is so lovable that you'll want to wear it either summer or winter. So choose it according to the period for which it is intended when you shop. You can opt for a light and cool candy that will turn your every warm day into a special one or, if the weather has cooled, choose a dress that will give you the same pleasure to wear it, along with the thermal comfort you need .

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