Colecţia de octombrie, rochii de toamnă care răsună a bucurie

The October collection, autumn dresses that echo with joy

For some, October is a reason to be upset and upset because of the lower temperatures and the increasingly absent sun. For me October is the month full of color, emotion and inspiration. It is a symphony of emotions and harmony, whose chords I really wanted you to find in the new collection of autumn dresses. I let my soul slide gently on the leaves that float between the tree branches and the ground and brought some changes to the classic Milla Milla dresses in tune with the weather and the roads these days.

Autumn dresses with office accents

Lower temperatures are not enough reason to give up the joy of stepping out of the house in dresses that make us feel free and energetic. When I set foot on the asphalt covered with leaves in playful colors, I automatically feel how my good mood increases and the desire to do pirouettes to a music that only I can hear. And why wouldn't I, when the power to enjoy life is only in my hands?

Many of you have returned to the office after the long period of working from home and have conveyed to me the excitement and happiness of wearing outfits that make you stand out. To express femininity and power at the same time. You were my inspiration for the October collection, with office dresses that can also be adapted for coffee with girlfriends after work or the birthday party during the week.

Autumn dresses dedicated to working days are created on the classic Milla Milla model, but so loved by all of you. We have made some changes that perfectly correspond to some of the strictest clothing rules in corporations, but which emphasize your personality and soul that vibrates and emanates positive energy. Thus, I added the placket, the collar and the white cuffs to the long sleeves, thus transferring an increased degree of seriousness to them. Instead, I played with the colors and prints of the cotton poplin, thus offering romantic options, but also some more sober ones, for the most challenging business meetings.

They can be easily worn with stiletto heels or ballet flats, at the office, but also with sneakers or high boots, for a casual touch.

Party dresses for story memories

I am convinced that the real stake of our lives is to find the balance between work and our free time, no matter how we choose to spend the latter. That is precisely why each Milla Milla collection brings with it party dresses that exude life, warmth and the desire to live beautifully.

For this fall, we bet on prints of a wonderful finesse and on accents that immediately transport us to the atmosphere of the 50s. I thought of cotton dresses printed with small delicate roses and a heart-shaped neckline, which inspires a discreet sensuality, like the rays of the autumn sun that penetrate through the branches that are slowly emptying of leaves. The white collar and cuffs are the details that complete the vintage image of the outfit.

And because life deserves to be rewarded sometimes with marshmallows, we created some dresses that send you thinking of the Land of Sweets from the Nutcracker. And the material they are made of is just as "sweet." Seersucker is a material with a corrugated appearance, woven at different tensions, and the translation of its name means "milk and sugar."

And because autumn deserves to be lived at full intensity, I'm coming with another novelty, designed to bring you more quickly the dresses in which I sewed some of the most beautiful dreams. We have outsourced the packing and delivery service, and you will enjoy your creations from the second working day from the moment the order is sent.

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