About me


My name is Ludmila Corlateanu.

I am a designer with my own brand since 2008 and a graduate of the Marangoni Institute in Milan. MIlla Milla comes from my first name.

My creations have been sold all over the world: in big stores like Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols, Robinsons, as well as in small and independent fashion boutiques, but also online, on Farfetch.

From 2020 (the year of great changes) I dedicate myself exclusively to this online store.

I set out to create outfits inspired by the '50s, easy to wear, elegant and feminine, but also suitable for the pace of life of a modern woman. You can wear them every day and many years in a row. 

Here you will find collections available in limited edition, only 6 -15 pieces per model per color. To make them I buy only one roll of each fabric directly from manufacturers in Spain or Italy. In this way, you choose an outfit that you have little chance of meeting on the street and contribute to #sustainability and #slowfashion.Our styles are designed and tailored so that pthe losses of materials resulting in such a production should not be higher than 10-12%, that is why we buy exactly the necessary quantity.

For day outfits I use cotton or linen fabrics. For evening and cocktail dresses, I use polyester fabrics because they have greater resistance and wear less, and you can sell or give the dress on, when you no longer need it.

The products are made with great love and care in the small factories in Romania with which we collaborate, by skilled Romanian tailors, who put passion in their work. Buying from this store you support a local designer and a garment factory in Romania. 

And I want to say something else: