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Many people prefer to wear clothing that exposes as much skin as possible when it's hot, hoping that this way they will somehow manage to cool off. However, if he asked the opinion of some dermatologists, he would find out that, in fact, it is not a good idea for the skin to come into prolonged contact with the sun's rays. On the contrary, they will say that the women who, on the contrary, prefer to wear long summer dresses, are doing the right thing.


What the doctors claim has been known for a long time by the peoples living in other latitudes, where the summers are even hotter than in Romania. There, in the countries of North Africa or the Near East, for example, you can see that men wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts even in hot weather, and women prefer long summer dresses.

Why is it preferable not to leave your feet exposed to the sun's rays?

No doubt you want your legs to stay young and look good well into your old age. All women who want this should know that the sun's rays only accelerate the aging process of the skin. Indeed, ultraviolet radiation thins the superficial layers of the skin, which results in the appearance of wrinkles that are first fine, then increasingly pronounced.

Although tan is considered attractive by some people, it is only a first effect on the legs of women who do not wear long summer dresses. Over time, ultraviolet light decreases the secretion of melanin, and one of the effects is either depigmentation or the appearance of brown spots with an unpleasant appearance, especially in the thigh area.

If one overdoes it with repeatedly exposing the same area of the body to the sun, other unwanted effects are not long in coming. It is about the so-called solar keratosis, a condition characterized by the appearance of reddish spots on the skin. Most of the time they are accompanied by a stinging sensation that makes you forget any idea of comfort.

Here, then, are more than enough reasons to choose long summer dresses over short ones, which have such unwanted effects on the skin! But what are the recommended materials for their production?

Fabrics suitable for long summer dresses

One of the materials that provides the best skin protection during the summer is linen. This vegetable fabric acts as an excellent thermal insulator, managing to provide a cool feeling even on hot days with temperatures above 30 degrees during the day and evenings when values remain high until late.

Cotton is another skin-friendly material, having the ability to absorb and then easily wick away moisture, which has the effect of keeping the body ventilated at all times.

Silk also has the ability to absorb moisture without sticking to the skin or providing other unpleasant sensations. On the contrary, those who wear such clothes always feel comfortable.

Choose long summer dresses and you will do your body a favor! In this way, your feet will be healthy at any age and will always look flawless!

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